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SAAFA is an all-ranks meeting place, founded in 1945. This eminently worthy cause not only recreates in a light-hearted atmosphere, the togetherness of its aviation-minded members but also enjoins them to share responsibility for the needs of less fortunate ex-SAAF members and their spouses.


Appart from being a meeting place for its members SAAFA actively promotes the image of the SAAF and its members. Indeed, the two-fold activity of having fun while raising funds continues to produce excellent results over the years. Funds raised thus are distributed via the Association's Care of the Aged programme.

All persons who serve in, or once served in the SAAF (PF or CF), or in any other Allied Air Force, are eligible to join this unique fraternity.

SAAFA branches are active all over Southern Africa: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East Rand (Benoni), Johannesburg, Kimberley, Lower South Coast (Margate), Laeveld (Hoedspruit), Namibia (Windhoek), Outeniqua (George/Knysna), Pietermaritzburg, Port Alfred, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Stilfontein, Soutpansberg (Machado/Louis Trichardt) and Weskus (Langebaan/Vredenburg). The SA Korean War Veterans Association also has branch status with the SAAFA.

Membership brings participation in many activities, enjoying life wining and dining, raffles, sport events, special outings, regular luncheons at which distinguished persons from industry and commerce address the gathering and chat afterwards. How about golf, horse racing, bowls and "Fly-in-Braai" days and many more interesting events?!

Members are entitled to wear the distinctive SAAFA tie, blazer badge and other insignia, and to participate in all SAAFA activities at Branch level. They are also encouraged to participate in the on-going worthwhile projects of the Association. Less fortunate SAAFA members and their dependents are being assisted in their well being. An ever-increasing percentage of funds raised are being channeled towards the Care of the Aged programme.

A national newsletter is distributed via email regularly free-of-charge, while several branches send out their own newsletters.

National Executive

 Office bearers:
National President                      Mike Louw  
National Vice President             Trevor Slade  
Country Vice Presidents            Frans Labuschagne (Weskus)   
                                                       A & C de Klerk (Pietermaritzburg)      
                                                       D & M Badenhorst (Cape Town)
                                                       Dirk Ackerman (JHB/Outeniqua)   
                                                       Frans Labuschagne
Honorary Treasurer                    Carol Havenga 
National Secretary                      Samantha Geddes

NEC Members

SAAF/SAAFA Liaison                 Philip Weyers
Benevolence                               Trevor Slade
Constitution/MoA/Records     Hugh Paine
National Medical Liaison           Brazz Brazzoli
Awards                                         Jaap Rossouw
Memorial Services                     Renier Feldtmann
Remembrance/Heritage          Bruce Harrison
Camaraderie                               Chris Boshoff
Webmaster/Social Media        Koos van Rensburg.


 Chairman Gavin Lavis
Vice Chairman Val Nell
Treasurer Ronell Opperman
Secretary Ansie Lavis
Tel: 082 873 2284

Cape Town

Chairman John Bayly Brown
Vice Chairman Kevin Sampson
Treasurer Daan Badenhorst
Secretary Julia Thomas
Tel: (021) 508-6138


Chairman Steve Bekker
Vice Chairman Gavin Farquhar
Treasurer John Boardman
Secretary Wilna Myburgh
 Tel: 031 904 3644

East Rand

Chairman Dave Tayler
Vice Chairman Dave Francis
Treasurer Mac McCloskey
Secretary Marjory Malan
Tel: (011) 849-2751


Chairman Trevor Slade  
Vice Chairman Bruce Harrison
Treasurer Amanda Thorsen
Secretary Carol van Rensburg
Tel: 011 616 7406


 Chairman Christo du Toit
Vice Chairman Charles Human
Treasurer Graham Smith
Secretary William Smith
 Tel: (053) 838-7411

Lower South Coast

Chairman Johnny Ralph
Vice Chairman Carl Volker 
Treasurer Victor Liebenberg
Secretary Phyllis Ralph
Cell: 082 568 8644  


 Chairman Hugh le Roux
Vice Chairman Andre Nortje
Treasurer Lientjie Langenhoven
Secretary Catryn le Roux
 Tel: 015 799 2247


Chairman Ehrol Lohmann
Vice Chairman Vacant
Treasurer Angie Lohmann.
Secretary Angie Lohmann.
H: + 264 (0) 61 23 3913


 Chairman Hartog Blok
Vice Chairman Vacant
Treasurer Carol McCreedy.
Secretary Carol McCreedy.
 Tel: (044) 871-3159


 Chairman Morgan Holmes
Vice Chairman Winks Stening
Treasurer Arrie de Klerk
Secretary Arrie de Klerk
H: 033 396 2118

Port Alfred

 Chairman Hugh Holmes
Vice Chairman John Wesley
Treasurer Lyn Lapham
Secretary Rodney Keet
Tel: 046 624 1861

Port Elizabeth

 Chairman Bernie Sharp
Vice Chairman Woody Turner
Treasurer Bernie Sharp
Secretary James Canepa
 Tel/Fax: 041 374 5014


 Chairman Itel Zurich
Vice Chairman Johann Mostert
Secretary Jaap Rossouw
Treasurer Carol Havenga
Tel: 012 651 5922


Chairman Francois van Zyl
Vice Chairman Vacant
Treasurer Gerhard Schoeman
Secretary Gerhard Schoeman
Tel: 015 577 2215


Chairman Arthur Keefe
Vice Chairman Nico Nysschen
Treasurer Angie Bate
Secretary Angie Bate
 Tel: (018) 478-9761

West Coast

Chairman Renèe Smith
Vice Chairman Schalk van Heerden
Treasurer/Secretary Kevin Kilfoil
 Tel : 022 772 1605

National Office

National President Michael John Louw  
National Vice President Trevor Slade
National Secretary Samantha Geddes
Tel: 012 651 5921 or 012 351 2116

Patrons of SAAFA

Lt Genl A.M. Muller, SSAS, SD, SM, SALM (Retired)
Lt Gen D.J. Earp, SSA, SD, SOE, SM, SAAF (Retired)
Lt Genl J.P.B. van Loggerenberg, SSA, SD, SM, MMM, SALM (Retired)
Lt Genl W.H. Hechter, SSAS, SD, SM, MMM, SALM (Retired)
Lt Genl R.J. Beukes, SD, SM, MMM, SALM (Retired)
Mr B. Hersov, DMS
Lt Genl C. Gagiano, SM, SAAF (Retired).
Lt Genl Fabian Msimang

Upcoming Events

Johannesburg Golf Day, September, Woodmead Golf Club, Carol van Rensburg,
RAF Memorial Service, Bays Hill, April
Pretoria Annual Golf Day, May, Services Golf Club, Nick Havenga, 082 876 6150
Gunner's Association Service, Potchefstroom, April
SAAF Museum Air Show, May, AFB Swartkop
Pretoria Annual Banquet, SAAF HQ,  August, Jaap Rossouw, 012 651 5922 or
20 May 2018 SA Air Force Memorial Service, Bays Hill, Pretoria. 10h00
20 May 2018 Smuts Memorial Service, Irene, Pretoria. 15h00
27 May 2018 Heritage Foundation Wreath Laying Ceremony, SADF Wall of
Remembrance, Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria. 10h00
8 June 2018 SAAFA Pretoria Branch Luncheon, (place to be confirmed) 12h00 for 13h00
3 June 2018 SAPPERS Memorial Service, SAPPERS RUST. 11h00
6 July 2018 SAAFA Pretoria branch Golf day. Services Golf Club. 08h30 June/July 2018
SA Korean War Veterans Memorial Service, Air Force Memorial, Bays Hill, Pretoria, Date & Time to be confirmed 

Branches are welcome to forward their event information to the
webmaster whom will gladly add them to this page.

Medical Info

Regular Force Medical Continuation Fund Booklet
Travel Claim Form
Personal Information Update Form

Please contact your Branch Committee to resolve any queries/uncertainties


This form will be delivered to our webmaster whom will forward it to the relevant branch/person.

SAAFA Regalia

Please contact our secretary at Head Office (contact form) to get the latest prices and regalia items on offer to members (Tel: 012 651 5921 or 012 351 2116 Email: